What We Are All About

To bring strength, independence and empowerment to individuals and their families by building confidence and financial freedom through affordable fashion. While $5 jewelry may not change the world, we believe those who wear it will.

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About Our Products

Our jewelry has been designed with the concept that looking amazing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For just $5, you can start looking your beautiful self. Only $5. Always $5.

Not only is each jewelry piece just $5, they are also:

  • Lead-free and nickel-free
  • Always something new—buy it when you see it!
  • Completely unique and created with individual design, craft, and feel.
  • Made in China
  • Available only through our Consultants

See it, feel it, wear it yourself!

Our Story

Hi, I’m Bridget Strachan. I am a Producer with Paparazzi Jewelry. I have been in business for 3 years. As a mother of 4 I wanted to be able to work but still have time for family and Paparazzi lets me do that.

Paparazzi has given me so many opportunities that I could never have had with other businesses. I love that my family can be involved in my work while still having fun.

Come join our $5 family so you can have your own amazing experience!